E-Bike Lithium Battery
E-Bike Lithium Battery

E-Bike Lithium Battery

Lithium-ion battery for e-cycle is designed as high power, high energy, long life batteries, which are fully automatically produced by KIJO's latest technology, reliable assembly technology, and intelligent formation technology.

As one of the leading electric bicycle battery suppliers & manufacturers in China, KIJO is dedicated to developing new technologies. Various types of e-bike batteries can be chosen at a cheap price. 

Five Types of E-bike Lithium Battery
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Advantages of E-bike Lithium Battery
  • 01

    Optimized paste formula for deep-cycle operation

  • 02

    Reinforced cell compression

  • 03

    Flame arrestors

  • 04

    Manufacturing excellence

  • 05

    Abuse tolerant and safe

Various Storage Battery Solutions for Your Needs
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